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The Big Lebowski Cast has created a whole bunch of fantastic stuff with their signatures, providing collectibles that any Achiever will simply have to own!

Big Lebowski Cast

Jeff Bridges, the Dude, has fully embraced the cult status both the film, and the actor himself, have enjoyed. Like the rest of the world, Bridges was taken by surprise by the cult success of the film. He’s started attending Lebowskifests, and generally enjoying life… Or abiding…

John Goodman, Walter Sobchak, is a favorite of the Coen Brothers, and has appeared in several of their films, in all cases playing very different characters. His treatment of Walter is a piece of classic greatness that any actor. Goodman has said that if he is remembered only for his performance as Walter, he would consider his career a success.

John Turturro, Jesus Quintana, has the smallest part of any Coen Brothers regulars, but he NAILS it, and creates a complete character in only a few minutes on film.

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Showing all 4 results